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Rowdy Rooster Hemp Animal Bedding

Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc.'s animal bedding line, "Rowdy Rooster," is a consumer goods product line made from hemp hurd. Hemp animal bedding is one of the healthiest animal bedding materials, as reported in university studies, given its characteristics and the elements that are important to effective, healthy animal bedding.

Rowdy Rooster Hemp animal bedding is sold on Amazon and the product website.


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(Gas Monkey Spill-Jack)

"Spill-Jack" is a DBA and consumer goods product line from Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc. that has licensed the brand Gas Monkey, from the well-known show "Gas Monkey Garage," founded by Richard Rawlings.


Spill-Jack is an all-natural plant-based absorbent and sweeping compound made from USA grown and USA made hemp wood stalks (hurd). Hemp crops absorb carbon from the environment and grow in approximately 100 days. Our milled hemp hurd absorbs 235% its weight, making it as effective as traditional absorbents, and it is an environmentally sustainable material and product.

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