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Eric Ramsey

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Full Bio

Prior to joining Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc., Eric Ramsey was most recently employed as the building engineer for a privately held hotel in Nashville, TN. In this role Mr. Ramsey managed all structural systems and oversaw all structural and system compliance requirements. Prior to that, he served as Manager of Purchasing and Parts for Werner Enterprises Dallas, an Omaha based global leader in transportation and logistics with an inventory value above $10 million and a staff of forty.

While serving in the United States Army, Mr. Ramsey led a team of Mental Health counselors. This team was tasked with researching and cataloging combat fatigue and various other combat related ailments.

At Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc. Eric applies his tactical, systematic approach to bring fresh innovation and process improvement to the Company. He actively explores diverse applications within the company’s hemp operations, conducting the in-house research and development necessary to prove innovative concepts.

He has acquired several technical certifications, while also earning degrees in both Information Technology and Mechatronic Engineering.

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