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Hydroelectric Powered


As its first move in its sustainable energy bitcoin mining activities, EGSE, through its  subsidiary Cryptorica, LLC, and with its partner Toro Energía Sociedad Anonima (“Toro”) are powering Bitcoin mining with hydroelectric power at an extremely low cost. Their combined ownership in a Costa Rican hydroelectric dam, with EGSE owning 80%, began development in mid-2022 and was penned in January 2023. 


The Toro Dam is located approximately 25 miles from San Jose. The site generates all its energy from green resources with a proven 98% run time over the years, and has a full-time staff in place under a new Operating & Maintenance Agreement.  Staff is onsite 24/7 and has hourly reporting requirements including real time power price, humidity, temperature, and total KW usage.


Hydroelectric power can help reduce the carbon footprint of cryptocurrency mining.  By using hydroelectric power, bitcoin mining can be made more environmentally friendly, sustainable and can help improve the stability and reliability of cryptocurrency networks. Hydroelectric power is a relatively stable and reliable source of energy.


Unlike other companies, Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc. is focused on allocating capital to revenue producing assets (mining hardware) rather than the costly long-term data center infrastructure required to mine.


EGSE's combination of lowest cost power, colocation and hardware arrangements, as well as management software creates an industrial strength crypto-mining powerhouse that can not only weather, but thrive in any market environment.


Additionally, with a focus on integrating green energy sources for electricity, EGSE's mining operations are environmentally mindful and providing some of the most sustainable cryptocurrency mining operations in North and Central America.


Diversified Green Energy


With a team consisting of industry leaders in cryptocurrency mining, data center management, software  development, hardware manufacturing, land procurement and multiple transactional closings, Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc., is uniquely positioned to be one of the premier capital allocators across North and Central American Bitcoin mining locations.

With seasoned entrepreneurship and business leadership from Gary C. Evans, who has over 38 years of building and running publicly traded companies, the company is able to achieve superior risk adjusted returns.


The demand for a sustainable, environmentally responsible global system has gone far beyond Millennials and Gen-Z.


The demand for ESG investments is not only a novelty attracting retail investors, but has become a main criterion for institutional investors.


All industry forecasting points at a future where sustainability and environmentally responsible industry will not only be an attractive marketing point, but a baseline requirement for a business to succeed in light of these evolved criteria.


The prolific adoption and integration of cryptocurrency in mainstream channels and throughout the global economy has created an enormous draw on the energy grid for powering the necessary data processing equipment required to maintain these cryptocurrency mining systems 24/7.


As technology races to meet these ”Green” needs and expectations on the Crypto industry, Evergreen Sustainable Enterprises, Inc. has deployed a unique strategy that immediately creates greener mining.


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